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Amino Acid Benefits in Bodybuilding
Recently there have been some very effective studies done on showing the ability of branched chained amino acids (BCAA) to not only increase your ability to build muscle but also to maintain the muscle that you have built and keep a low body fat level. This is important information for people who want to gain muscle but still stay ripped all year round.

This is probably more applicable to the competitive bodybuilder that likes to enter three or four competitions a year but the point is that keeping your hard earned muscle is vital when you lose body-fat. When restricting your calories to lose the last 2% or 3% of body-fat you need to be very concerned about muscle loss.

It has already been well-established that branched chain amino acids are able to stimulate protein synthesis. Research shows that a branched chained amino acid like leucine will help stimulate more protein synthesis than any normal protein found in the cell. But BCAAs do a lot more than that as they will also help to increase the synthesis of all the cellular machinery that is responsible for making protein synthesis possible at all.

The point is that when you take BCAAs on a regular basis that you will increase the RATE at which your general protein synthesis works, but it will also help to increase the cell's CAPACITY to speed up its protein synthesis. Another way that BCAAs will help with the building of muscle is by reducing the rate at which your protein gets broken down.

BCAAs are able to do this by simply decreasing the activity of the specific elements that are part of the protein breakdown pathway. To get more specific on exactly how this is done and how it is able to decrease protein breakdown activity in the cell. It does this by decreasing the amount of mRNA produced which is made from the gene which codes for these components.

Using a BCAA you will discover a very effective way to increase the rate of protein synthesis and at the same time decreasing the rate of protein breakdown that is happening. This is the secret to fast and effective muscle growth. It comes from years of very specific study in order to get the best bodybuilding results.

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