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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret training methods

The Stripping Method. Taking weight off the bar during the set as your muscles fatigue. E.g.. bench press with 300 lbs. For 4-5 reps. As you fatigue at rep 5 have your partners quickly strip weight off the bar -- so that there's 250 lbs -- And you can do more reps.

The Isotension Method. Flexing and contracting the muscles being worked between sets. Flexing is a beneficial in separating and defining each muscle group.

The Running-the-rack Method. Training right in front of the dumbbell rack and is one of Arnold's favorite ways to train with dumbbells to shock the muscles. Do an exercise with a set of dumbbells, put them down, immediately pick up a lighter weight and do another set and work your way down the dumbbell rack. This is actually the "stripping method" using dumbbells.

The 1-10 Method. After a warm-up set, use a weight that you can only get one rep with. Quickly take enough weight off so you can get two reps. Again take off enough weight so you can get 3 reps. Continue this method until you reach ten reps. The overall number of reps you'll do is 55 -- which is a lot. Unlike your normal sets, this method does the heavy work first and the muscles get a great pump at the end. This is especially effective with curls, bench and leg extensions.


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