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Avena Sativa Benefits Bodybuilding

Avena sativa is a fancy name for a particular variety of oats. Oats are a great nutrition source and a simple bowl of oatmeal is always provides a boost for the body. The supplement avena sativa takes the oat experience a step further, going a different route. The production of avena sativa revolves around the process of drawing the elements from the oat grass instead of the oat itself. The result is wild oat extract, also known as green oat grass or oatstraw, which is traditionally used as an herbal supplement primarily targeting nervous system health support.

There are a variety of benefits that come from oat grass. This include soothing and relaxing effects on the brain and nervous system. And oat grass also boosts the sexual element for men and women. In other words, it is nature's Viagra, without the side effects.

Avena sativa also goes by the names Oatstraw or Oats Milky Seed. The potency of this oat byproduct is known to animal kingdom as well as working on humans.

Of course for bodybuilding anything that enhances this area also tends to boost testosterone. And an element in avena sativa (avenocosides) does just that. Note - it is important to get a version of avena sativa that contains these avenocosides due to its testosterone releasing activity (some versions may not have active avenocosides in the product).

Additionally, avena sativa also works to elevate healthy blood flow. Why is this important? Two reasons - healthy blood flow benefits the rate at which the muscles get their much needed nutrients (and other elements) and a healthy blood flow also can boost your pump can attain while hoisting heavy iron.

Since this supplement is based on the oat, it is one of the safest supplements you can employ to elevate testosterone levels. And in addition to the testosterone factor, avena sativa is composed of vitamins such as A, B1, and B2, vitamin E and more. The oat naturally includes magnesium, silicon, zinc, and calcium also. And don't overlook the energy boost that avena sativa provides the body. This supplement, avena sativa, packs a lot of big, positive factors into a single package and is one of the better supplements you can take. Some companies offer this supplement in capsule form, with anywhere from 100 mg to 575 mg of a concentrated 10:1 avena sativa (oat straw) extract per capsule. The typical price on this supplement is very reasonable.

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