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Back Workout Tips
By Frank Melfa of

You want a "V" shape back? Then let's start doing some pullups and do them right. You want a big thick back then stick with the basic exercises such as rows and dead lifts. Here are 2 back routines you can follow.

Back Routine One

Pullups            4 sets            10 reps with good form
T-bar rows            3 sets            6-10 reps
Seated rows            4 sets            8-12 reps
Barbell Shrugs            4 sets            8-12 reps

Back Routine Two

Pullups            4sets             
Deadlifts            4 sets            6 reps each set
One-Arm Row            4 sets            8-10 reps
DB Shrugs            4 sets            8-10 reps

When doing pullups, be sure to pull your chest to the bar, not your chin and squeeze your shoulders back. Take your time and come down slow. With seated rows, be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together and stick your chest out. Be sure to work through a full range of motion.

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