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Bodybuilding Basics
Beginner Bodybuilding and Weightlifting
Why should you choose bodybuilding? Here's five good reasons:
1. Bodybuilding is the best way to shape your body.
2. Bodybuilding fits for all.
3. Bodybuilding is the fastest way to increase strength.
4. Bodybuilding reduces stress.
5. Bodybuilding teaches you to eat healthier.

Tips for beginners:

Choose a gym with good variety of equipment, including plenty of free weights. Find a gym with good atmosphere. Check out what kind of people are training in the gym, you might not like to train in a hardcore type powerlifting gym located in a basement! If music motivates you check out what kind of music is played in gym you intend to train in. Location is very important factor too, a gym near you is a good choice because you can save time and some money when you don't have to travel a lot. Price is important too, some gyms have cheaper prices for students, unemployed or erderly people - check them out. Check out showers, locker rooms, sauna, warm up places, mirrors and stuff like that. What the heck do I need mirrors you might think. For example you can use mirrors for checking your technique. Gym owners and instructors should be polite and understanding. If you need help they should help you.

There are fast and slow developers. Your genes have a lot to do with how your body will respond to your training. It's how far you are able to go, not how fast. When your mind believes you can develop, your body will respond. In the beginning of your bodybuilding 'career' you will develop quite quickly because your body isn't accustomed to the new stress on the muscles. First you need to build mass and strength. I think the toughest part of starting bodybuilding is to go into a gym. It's very easy to make up somekind of excuses not to go. Sometimes it's very hard for me to go to gym if I've taken off a week or two! Don't be afraid of those big guys lifting big weights. Be yourself and do you're own workouts and don't be afraid to ask help if you need it. Don't use heavy weights until you're absolutely sure you can handle it. Keep in mind that you don't build big muscles overnight. You need time to develop. Think of the positive reasons why you want to bodybuild.

Free weights demand more of your body. Exploring a whole range of different exercises gives you a much better idea as to which exercises work best for you and which don't. This will lead eventually to a much better understanding of your own body and of how to get the best results. Remember to use correct form all the time. Change your training program as frequently as necessary. Change your set-and-reps scheme, vary the rest time between sets, switch order of bodyparts and exercises and choose different exercises. Use basic barbell and dumbbell movements to build your mass but keep in mind that machines offer a safe alternative. Train every bodypart once a week. The less complicated you make things the easier it is to do it. Avoid any exercises that cause you pain.

Some days are better than others. The mind must be trained and developed along with the body. If you think you can, then you can. Positive expectations will allow you to grow and develop. Your mind is created like your body, step by step. There's no point in working out if your body's telling you to rest. If you don't feel like going to gym don't go it is simple as that, do something else and go to gym next day when you have more energy to pump some weights. Think positive and remember that an active body is a healthy body.

Choosing an idol is one good way to search for inspiration. Choose a bodybuilder, powerlifter, athlete or a person whom you would like to emulate.

There are many advantages to have a training partner. You have somebody on hand to spot you when you are lifting heavy weights and when you're feeling like forcing out extra reps. Don't train with anyone unless he/she really helps you. Pick up the right kind training partner, your training partner should be in the same level that you are and he/she should have almost the same goals that you have. Each training partner has his/her own particular value, so you may want to train with more than one training partner. A training partner who helps you make faster and better progress is a good one.

A training partner should be able to motivate you much more than you could motivate yourself. I think that you must get along very well with your training partner and you should think similarly about training. Choose a reliable training partner, when you need him/her he/she should be there when you need him/her and the same goes for you too. When you're starting out, training partner is good to be there because you can correct each other's form and your can push each other to new limits. You and your training partner should create your own little world. You and your training partner can feed off each other's energy, creating the kind of intensity that will push you beyond your limits.

Conversely, the wrong training partner will sap your strength and drain you of motivation. Your training partner should care about your efforts and will be there, providing support, energy and motivation when you really need it.

Here are few examples; day 1 - delts & triceps, day 2 - back, day 3 - off, day 4 - chest & biceps, day 5 - legs & calves, day 6 - off, day 7 - repeat or off.
Or day 1 - chest, biceps & triceps, day 2 - legs & calves, day 3 - off, day 4 - back & delts, day 5 - off, day 6 - repeat or off.
Or day 1 - chest, back & delts, day 2 - off, day 3 - legs, calves, biceps & triceps, day 4 - off, day 5 - repeat.

Try to eat four to seven small meals a day and try to get protein and carbs on every meal. Frequent small meals during the day provide a consistent supply of essential nutrients for the most efficient muscle growth. Try to eat at least one gram of protein per lean pound of body weight daily. Eat potatoes, rice, chicken, turkey, tuna, potatoes, pasta, lean red meat and egg BLACKs to get your protein and carbs. Take carbs right after your workout, take for example a carb drink, banana or rice cakes. The bigger you get, the more calories you're going to have to take in. If you want to gain weight you're going to have to eat more calories than you're burning. Reduce fat, sugar and salt usage. Choose low-fat or non-fat products. Remember to drink lots of water during the day, increase your water intake on training days. I know it can be very hard to change you eating habits but if you want to lose fat and gain muscle it is easier to do it this way.

Nowadays there are lots of good supplements so don't be a fool and start taking steroids. Here's some good supplements: Ecdy-Bolin, Nitrobol, and Andro Shock. Remember to alos take your vitamins. Give some time to supplements to work, a week or a month is not necessarily enough. Remember that supplements are not as important as eating well-balanced and nutritious diet. If you want to learn more about supplements that work for you, I suggest that you get the Bodybuilding Supplement Review. Bodybuilding Supplement Review has the information you need to know about supplements which can help you to build a stronger and more muscular body. It is very easy to understand.

Keep a training diary. Basically that means you write down the exercises, sets, reps & weights that you use in your training. Keep also track on your development, supplements you?re using, best results, measurements, training feelings and your bodyweight. That way you can set realistic goals for the future and you learn to know what works best for you.

Stretching allows the muscles to recover quicker, decreases post workout soreness, helps maintain flexibility and helps prevent injury. Don't bounce when you stretch because this can lead to injury. Warm your bodypart before strecthing it.

Moderate amounts of aerobics help the recovery process between weightlifting workouts. Aerobics help burn fat. When the bodyfat level is lower, the body makes better muscular gains. Aerobics also helps the body to become more effeicient at burning fat. If you're doing aerobics on a regular basis, your body is then used to burning fat as an energy source. Be careful of doing too much aerobics because it will cut into your energy resources and recuperative abilities.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in recovery and growth. Try to sleep at least eight hours every night. Take a little nap during the day if possible. Not enough sleep may lead to overtraining.

There's a lot of good books which include information on weightlifting, training, techniques, nutrition, diet and more. You can learn a lot from magazines; techniques, nutrition, supplements, posing etc. If you don't like the looks of bodybuilding magazines buy some bodybuilding book.

Here are some symptons of overtraining: reduced appetite, having trouble getting to sleep, getting colds, your body is more sore and tired than usually in the days following training, concentration problems, stagnated training poundages and reduced enthusiasm for training. What are the factors behind overtraining' Here are a few example: you're skipping meals, you're not sleeping well, you have some financial problems or you're having relationship problem. Or maybe you're just doing too many workouts, exercises, sets and reps or having a bad exercise style. Symptoms can be in-or-out-of-the-gym factors. What to do when you notice the signs of overtraining' Stay out of the gym for a couple of days or even a week or two. Rest and sleep, remember to eat well, reduce your work sets when you're back in the gym and go to gym less often.

Proper breathing is very important while training. Breathing supplies oxygen to the muscle cells, which is necessary for muscle contraction, and helps deliver energy and build the muscle. Exhale when you lift the weight. Inhale when you lower it. Like Arnold said: let it happen.

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