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Benefits Of Natural Bodybuilding


The benefits of natural bodybuilding would appear to be wide and varied, but as much as we are all different as human beings, so we are as bodybuilders. Our backgrounds, our current status in life and our genetic code all have a huge part to play. We all have our individual goals and motivators for why we train so hard and it would be wise not to judge another for their choices.

From a personal standpoint I am a huge advocate of staying natural, not just for the obvious health reasons, more of which we will discuss shortly, or indeed from a moral or ethical point of view. No, my motivation for staying natural comes from within.

I constantly strive to be the best I can be, both physically and mentally, and my ultimate goal is to realize my true potential, to push myself to the very boundaries of my physical abilities. I know I can only truly appreciate my efforts if I know I have done it by myself, without any form of outside assistance. The bottom line is that I have to know it was down to me and not the drugs! Only then can I achieve total satisfaction in reaching and exceeding my goals.

Never underestimate the importance of the role psychology has to play when it comes to perfecting your physique the natural way. The joy you experience when you add an inch to your arms or break a weight barrier is 100% genuine because you earned it. You worked your butt off for it and you did it for you!

I am not going to judge any assisted trainers too harshly, as I said everybody is different and we all have our own reasons for doing what we do. However, I know that I have to feel as if I have earned it and this provides me with an enormous feeling of satisfaction. The body I have built is all my own work, and nobody can deny me that.

The satisfaction gained at achieving your goals naturally is one obvious benefit, however, we should look at the physical benefits of natural bodybuilding in more detail. As we are all too painfully aware steroid abuse is rife in the bodybuilding world, primarily as a way of taking a shortcut to a great physique. The problem here is however, that there are a number of misconceptions regarding illegal substances.

The fact is that just simply using steroids does nothing to guarantee building a great physique. There is no pill on earth that you can pop that will reduce your body fat by 10% and increase your muscle mass overnight. The mainstay of your bodybuilding program will always be a well devised training plan and a rigid diet. If your training and nutrition are right on the money, then you will achieve a fantastically defined and much bigger physique and you will also have the added benefit of staying within the law!

As well as the possible legal ramifications there are also some considerable physical side effects of steroid abuse that should be taken into account. The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but should certainly provide some food for thought.

High blood pressure and heart disease
Liver damage
Stroke and blood clots
Urinary and bowel problems, such as diarrohea
Headaches, aching joints, and muscle cramps
Nausea and vomiting
Sleep problems Increased risk of ligament and tendon injuries
Severe acne, especially on face and back
Testicular Shrinkage (Ouch!)
Erectile Dysfunction
Breast Development in males

However, as scary as the list above might be I believe the most startling problems associated with the use of steroids are the psychological problems that are created. Steroid use can cause paranoia, seeing things that don't exist, severe mood swings, anger, and depression.

Of course these are only in extreme circumstances but it is a slippery slope and one that should be avoided if at all possible.

Supplements have their place in a good bodybuilding regimen. They should however, be natural supplements so try to make yourself familiar with these. Building a huge physique will require quite a significant increase in your intake of a number of minerals, nutrients and multivitamins, and while you can theoretically get everything you need from your regular diet, it can be difficult to get the correct levels of proteins and carbohydrates so supplements can be an essential tool in your training programme towards your ultimate goal.

The benefits of natural bodybuilding are there for all to see. The natural way of building your physique will not only give you the body you deserve but also heighten your self-esteem, strengthen your character and provide you with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.

Stay focused, disciplined and natural and lets make your goals your reality.

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Benefits Of Natural Bodybuilding

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