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Bodybuilding & Aerobics
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by Pax monstein

A bodybuilder who is concerned about the fitness and strength of his heart and circulatory system should do aerobics, after all, itís your blood that carries nutrients to your muscles so they can grow. A weak heart equals poor muscle growth, or even worse, it can kill you.

Aerobic exercise isnít just dressing up in tight clothes and doing punishing motown dace routines. It keeps your heart and oxygen transport system in shape, which will have a carry over effect for your weight training. Itís the most efficient way of burning stored fat.

How do you do it? You pump your heart rate up to 70-85% of your maximum per minute, and keep it there for around 25to 30 minutes.

Do this at least three times per week, and soon your heart will be trained just like your muscles.There are numerous ways to find your maximum heart rate. One way is to start with the number 220 and subtract your age. If youíre 25 your maximum is 195. Your target heart range, 70-85% of 195, is 137-166. If your just starting out you want to start at 65% for a week or so. How do you know how fast your heart is beating? Check your pulse either by the fingers on the wrist method or by a commercial pulse monitor.

The key to aerobic fitness is to keep moving constantly for the entire duration of your workout. What kind of exercise will give you an aerobic work out? Anything with an endurance component: running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, and rowing. One of the most overlooked aerobic exercises is walking. Of course the fitter you get the harder you have to work to keep your heart in its target range.

Where should one begin? The first step is to buy a decent pair of aerobic shoes. Aerobic shoes are padded to cushion your feet against the shock-impact of jumping, unlike other shoes. Always warm up before doing any aerobic activity. Be sure to stretch your legs as well as your lower back. A pull or strain would severely set your training back.

A good way to combine your aerobic training is to do it immediately after your workout. For example: my off season training consists of working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, immediately followed by a half hour of walking on the treadmill. Remember not to go crazy with the aerobics. Ease into your aerobics sessions. THE GOAL OF A BODYBUILDER IS TO BURN BODYFAT, NOT MUSCLE, and too much aerobics will burn muscle.

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