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Bodybuilding and Anabolic Steroids
There are two ways to bodybuild, either through steriods or by natural. I'm not here to push one or the other unto anyone. I will only share my beliefs and how I body build.

I personally believe in "All Natural Body Building" which is what I do.

I believe that by doing it naturally, you can take pride in your accomplishments.

The choice to body build will become a way of life for you.
Therefore, the choices you make on how to accomplish your goals will also become a way of life.

Steriods vs Natural? You decide which way to go but read the following before you make your decision.

"I'm glad there is side effects to steroids. The one thing I like about bodybuilding is it's something I do very well and very few people have the guts and determination to see it through the way I have done. That makes me feel special, I feel I have really accomplished something few others could have done, and I stand out because I have accomplished so much.

If steroids were legal and didn't have side effects everyone would start using them and a great looking body would be a much more common place occurrence. And if I used steroids I know the sport would be easier for me and I wouldn't have the same determination and I would start to take my accomplishments for granted.

The harder something is to achieve the more we appreciate it, that's just the way God made us, and like I said before this is the way it is in every facet of our lives.

Get used to it, the sooner you realize it, the happier you will be, for life is about realizing your potential as a human being and this comes from deep inside us, you won't find it in a pill or a needle. "

Warrior Poet

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