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Bodybuilding Body Types
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Watch out. The old psychology physique measurement charts are getting the dust blown off of them again and put back into print. Those famous three words that held the secret to ones potential are once again getting re-hashed into the info-pile again. But don't worry, if you know how to read between the lines you'll be okay.

About once every three months Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph rise from the grave to attack our fragile ego's. Mesomorph is the kinder of the three. This one soothes our fears feeds our vanity and gives us a feeling of self-worth. Endomorph is an entirely different kind of creature. He causes you to think that not only are you fat, but that your going to stay that way. Ectomorph on the other hand tells you that your a skinny slim wimp and will always be that way. Remember one thing, all this really is just in your head.

Taking a look in the Websters dictionary you'll find all three terms in there in their respective categories:

*Endomorphic, designating or of the abdominal physical type, characterized by predominance of the structures developed from the endodernal layer of the embryo (i.e. the internal organs)...

*Mesomorphic, designating or of the athletic physical type, characterized by predominance of the structures developed from the mesodermal layer of the embryo (i.e., muscle, bone, and connective tissue)...

*Ectomorphic, designating or of the slender physical type, characterized by predominance of the structures developed from the ectodermal layer of the embryo, (i.e., skin, nerves, brain, and sense organs) ; asthenic...

*Websters New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, Deluxe second Edition Dorset & Baber 1979

Many information providers re-print new articles on an old set of "How can one tell their potential?" Human being's have been trying to answer this question since the beginning of time. Knowing this supposedly gives them an idea as to whether or not their is any hope for their bodies.

This is a misleading assumption. Lets say for example that your in your early twenties. Mom was always a great cook and you've always been a little on the heavy side. But now you're starting to read about heart disease, high cholesterol and other such unpleasentries and it begins to make you think about you're waistline. You would like to lose a few pounds but the motivation has never really been there. The folks were always a little on the heavy side too so you suspect genetics may be involved here. Then one day your visited by Endomorph and you think "well, I guess that's just the way my body was meant to be." This is the trap that too many people fall into after reading some of these articles. The trap in this is giving in to your supposed situation and losing faith because you think there is no hope. This is not the case and never has been. There is always hope. The situation described above shows how easy it is to justify giving up. The person in this story never stopped to realize that maybe his long term eating habits, and not his genetics, were the culprits.

When all is said and done the Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph measurements are not to be discarded entirely. Those that have used this terminology in their articles are just trying to provide people with a means to measure themselves as to where they stand in the genetic pool. Many of which are very informative and provide some excellent advice. Just keep in mind while you're reading these that whatever bodytype you may have is not the end all be all or your existence. There is always a way to change.

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