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Bodybuilding Questions and Answers
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Big O's Frequently Asked Questions

I believe my weekly Q&A and helped a lot of individuals on various topics that they may be unclear on or what more information and from the feedback I've been getting it has really made a difference for the better. Awesome, this is what I was exactly hoping for when I started the weekly Q&A. However over time I noticed a lot of people asking the same questions over and over. I am not sure if people are too lazy to search through the archives, well actually thats probably it. Anyways this should be a lot easier finding answers that are commonly asked.

I want to get toned but not all freakishly huge?

Everyone seems to have this misconception that if you pick up a few dumbells and lift them a few times you will be as ripped and huge as one of those bodybuilders you see. If only it was that easy. There is NO WAY IN HELL that any beginner will reach that size by just lifting weights, regardless of age, sex or race. Again, NO WAY IN HELL! To achieve that size with one must place invest in an INCREDIBLE amount of work including rigorous training, careful dieting and delicate planning. It seems some people do not want their bodies to be that shaped, which is perfectly understandable, however there should be no fear that will reach this stature by lifting a few weights.

My left/right arm is a lot bigger then my other arm, what can I do?

First I would like to say that it is rather common as whatever hand is your dominant hand will usually result in that being bigger. While it may seem insufficent, all the extra usage your dominant hand uses really adds up. Picking up stuff, opening doors, carrying books etc etc. What I recommend is that one switches to dumbells rather then barbells for any lift that invovles your arm, even such as a bench press which works your triceps as well. When performing biceps and triceps exercies use your left arm first and once your left arm gives you do not do another set with your right arm. Thus alternating left to right. Finally try to use your left arm more in various activities such as opening doors, carying objects etc etc.

How can I get a six pack?

Read my article How To Get Awesome Abs

How can I gain weight?

Read my article Guide To Gaining Weight for Bodybuilding

I am XX years old, will working out stunt my growth?

If you are not in your teens then I would suggest not using weights to workout but to instead use exercises with your own body weight such as pull ups/chin ups, crunches, pushups and dips. However if you are in your teens then by all means working with weights will not stunt your growth WITH proper form. The key here is not to use an amount of weight that you cannot handle just to "look cool" Proper form must be emphasized. This is very important in such lifts as military shoulder press or squats where one can do serious damage to your spine if you are incorrectly lifting and/or using weight that you cannot handle. However if one weight trains properly and safely there is no risk to your growth.

When should I take my protein shake?

A somewhat debated topic where one side says, take it prior to your workout so you have calories, carbohydrates, proteins and necessary amino acids during your workout and the other side is to take your protein shake after you workout when your body is most deprived of nutrition and thus needs the proteins to rebuild the damaged muscle tissue. Well I say take both sides to this approach and have a protein shake and some carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit or bowl of cereal, nothing too heavy, ~45 mins prior to your workout so that you have the energy and necessary amino acids in your body during your workout. Then with in ~45 mins of your workout you take another protein shake along with some protein such as a can of tuna or some chicken so that your body will have the necessary nutrition to repair and grow.

When kind of protein should I buy/take?

The answer to this question will vary from individual to individual depending which, if any protein they are allergic to, the tastes the various brands and cost. However I generally recommend Whey Protein as I as well as numerous others have had a tremendous amount of success with it. Regarding which brand of whey to get, I would point you to my product review section where I have rated a number of brands. Also is the possibility of buying plain protein which a number of vendors are doing as it is very versatile in creating your own flavors or adding to recipes. One final recommendation is NOT to buy from GNC as they will rape you in the ass for price except once a blue moon they offer a decent sale. Also I do not recommend buying from simply because it took em close to 6 months as well as several complaints to the BBB for them to pay me my affiliate fees.

There are such things as stupid questions. Big O receives quite a number of them, here is a small sample for your viewing pleasures:

I've removed the name as well as the e-mail address as not to identify them.

I am a 15 year old guy and i dont want to body build i just wanna gain some muscle with out having to go to the gym and i dont wanna wait a month and a half to see results do you have and advice or tips you can give me?

My Response:

Well I want $15 million dollars, two supermodels as my girlfriends that will cook and clean...among other things upon my demand. I would also like a new mansion, a hovercraft and a one of the Hawaian islands, all with out getting off my ass. Just like your situation it will probably not happen. You reap what you sow so if you don't sow...or work your ass off you don't get jack. If it was simply that easy wouldn't everyone be walking around with 6 packs and bulging muscles?

More questions?

Email me and I'll answer them here.


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