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Chromium Supplement Benefits
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by Mikii Zatola

Chromium, a trace mineral, is what many people are calling the new diet pill - "it suppresses your appetite" "it reduces sugar cravings", "it burns fat", etc. etc. etc. and you dont have to workout. What is the reality of all these claims? read on.

Chromium plays a major role in insulin production. Since insulin regualtes the level of glucose in our blood, a chromium deficiency could cause problems in glucose metabolism (such as in diabietes or hypoglycemia.) Various studies & experiments support this claim. But a reccommended daily amount of chromium has until recently been hard to determine as well as the most efficient form.

There are actually three forms of chromium. Chromium chloride, chromium picolinate, and chromium nictinate. Recent studies have shown that chromium nicotinate is absorbed into the blood stream most efficiently of the three forms. Chromium nicotinate has also been proven to lower blood cholesteral levels.

With strenuous exercise chromium levels have been shown to decrease. This has also been shown to happen during pregnancy as well as during periods of high stress. Therefore it may be wise to supplement your normal diet with a chromium compound.

I began taking chromium nicotinate about six months ago and it has been very beneficial. My blood sugar stays much more level giving me a steady energy level & less food cravings in general.

So is chromium a diet wonder-pill or not? you will have to see for yourself. For me it was very effective but since everybody is unique results will vary. Chromium as a supplement in your diet more than likely will be a benefit and this should not be overlooked when you are considering a daily supplement program.

Note: Chromium is just one of the ingredients in Herbal Fat Burner

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