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The Dangers Of Overtraining
For Natural Bodybuilders


Anyone who has spent any time around the gym and certainly most natural bodybuilders will undoubtedly have heard the expression “No Pain, No Gain”. It’s a phrase that’s spouted out by fitness instructors and gym users alike and typifies the kind of mindset required to build and maintain a great muscular physique.

It is an overused phrase that has sadly become a bit of a cliché. For the most part it’s fairly innocent and a bit of fun but it can have serious consequences. In fact I would suggest that these four words have been responsible for more over training injuries than any other factor.

There is of course a huge difference between serious pain and that familiar aching feeling of satisfaction just after a workout, and as you develop your training you will definitely be able to tell the difference. The bottom line is that pain is your body’s way of flagging up a potential problem so it would make a tremendous amount of sense to listen to it.

Ignoring the warning signs is not only a stupid thing to do but will also only result in increasing the problem. What starts out as a minor niggle could ultimately lead to a chronic over training injury that could plague you for years to come and totally scupper your training plans.

If you start to feel any kind of pain then simply stop and investigate the cause, take a moment and make any adjustments that you feel necessary. More often than not it could be something as simple as a minor flaw in technique or posture and can be remedied just as easily.

Obviously any kind of ongoing nagging pain should be investigated fully, preferably with the help of a medical professional, but there are other, less obvious symptoms you need to be aware of.

They include:

· Insomnia or a complete lack of energy

· Headaches

· Muscle Aches

· Loss of Appetite

· Loss of Motivation

· Loss of Performance

Should you experience any of these symptoms then take a step back, check out how much you are doing and review your training accordingly. It is more than likely that you are over training. There is absolutely no reason for you to train 7 days a week, every week, on the same muscle group. A good solid session 3-4 times a week with proper rest periods and good nutrition will get you the results you are looking for. If you are currently using a hypertrophy specific training plan then concentrate on the proper rest periods after 6-8 weeks, as part of the strategic de-conditioning phase. Just remember:

Over training is counterproductive at best, and downright dangerous at worst. Think quality not quantity and try to eliminate the “No Pain No Gain” mindset from your training.

Listen to your body at all times and always give yourself the opportunity to recover. Your long-term goal of a great muscular physique will be much easier to reach if you pay attention to what your body is telling you. Don’t just push through it and try to be a hero. It’s just not a great long-term strategy.

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The Dangers Of Over Training For Natural Bodybuilders

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