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Ecdysterone Benefits for Bodybuilding
Ecdysterone is a new and very powerful compound that is all based on solid research to help you to reach your full genetic potential.

It has now conclusively proven itself to be safe and effective for men and women and even teenagers. Ecdysterone may very well be the next great herbal extract to create another revolution in health, fitness and the bodybuilding world.

The technical or scientific name for Ecdysterone is 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone but there are other names as well like ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone and obviously ecdysterone. It was first discovered in insects that were been used as an invertebrate polyhydroxylated which is a steroid like growth hormone. It is also found in some plants including the cyanotis vaga.

There have now been well over 50 different studies that have been done on ecdysterone and all these studies have conclusively proven that Ecdysterone is very safe and it helps to enhances almost all your bodies functions and it does all this without any side effects.

We have created a list of the major bodybuilding benefits below:

Increases protein synthesis, increases total protein and glycogen content in muscles, increases myofibrilar proteins, stabilizes blood sugar levels, more energy, greater feeling of well-being, anti inflammatory, improved skin, increases athletic performance, higher work capacity, increases lean muscle mass, decreases body fat, reduces fatigue, increases speed and strength, promotes positive nitrogen balance, etc, etc, etc.

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