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Eugen Sandow Natural Bodybuilding Workout

Eugen Sandow bodybuilder

We need to understand the mindset of society in the 19th century when Sandow started exercising. They all believed that the Greek and Roman statues of muscular men was a deliberate exaggeration by the artist or the sculpture. This is what inspired Eugene Sandow to develop more muscle.

Because Eugene was the first man to ever build his body so deliberately he would actually go up to these Greek statues and measure their biceps, legs and chest so that he could go back and use his rather specific method of getting his muscles larger, until they reached the same size as the statue.

Eugene got so strong that he started a travelling strong-man show where he would lift up horses and break a thick iron chain tied around his chest. He said that the dumbbell, if used correctly is the most useful training tool a person can use. He instructs the reader to select very light dumbbells, like 5lbs to 10lbs and do 10 to 15 reps with good form.

Please note that names like bicep curls or push-ups never existed in those days. In his book Eugene goes into very specific detail on how to do the movement. We have summarized by calling it a movement that we are all very familiar with. We have not gone into any detail on all these movements, or how he would change the weight and the sets and reps.

D/B Bicep Curls
Reverse Bicep Curls
Lateral (Horizontal) Bicep Curls
Single-Arm Alternate Shoulder Press
Lateral Shoulder Raises
Forward D/B Raises
Lunge Punch
Standing D/B Fyes
D/B Hold (As Long As Possible) in a Mid-range Position
The Bent Press
The Full Sit-Up
D/B Swing from Ground
Forearm Curls
Standing Chest Press

Eugene was an innovator, he created something that he had a passion for, even though there was no scientific knowledge available to show him that the "Greek Body" he desired to create out of his own was actually possible. Sandow did it without any steroids, supplements, gym machines or anything fancy. His passion for getting stronger inspired him to workout and show off his muscles in the first bodybuilding competition in history.

Despite his strongman shows that he did, Eugene wrote many health books where he talks at length about moderation. Saying that nutrition needs to be unprocessed and in "moderation", the same as his instructions on exercise. He never instructed anyone to train to the point of failure, or beyond.

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Eugen Sandow Workout

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