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Guide To Gaining Weight for Bodybuilding
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Big O's Guide To Gaining Weight

I know for those of you who are under weight and trying to gain weight it's hard as hell and I think just as hard if not harder then trying to lose weight. I also see that a lot of weight gain guides out there are basically saying eat 500 more calories then your normally do and eat 1/3 protein by 2/3 carbohydrates. I mean if you really want to go gain weight do you want to carry around a calculator around and total up your calorie intake and then multiply by your height or whatever the hell is needed. No I think not, but I also think the common advice "just eat a lot" does not help much either. I personally some people who can eat 3X the amount of average people yet they are skinny as hell. I am not a dietitian or anything but this is just my advice to all you to gain some pounds, it might or might not work but it has for me in the past and has worked successfully to those who I gave it to.

I. Choose carefully what you eat

Which means eating a pound of bread versus eating a pound of steak will affect your weight dramatically. This means instead of being one of those picky women salad eaters you always see, you want to be the total opposite, and be a pig of some sort. This does not mean go out and eat candy bars all days because they lack the protein to build any muscle. But instead you should focus on food with a lot of protein, carbohydrates and calories. Some of my personal favorites are prime rib, steak, hamburgers, basically any type of meat. But do not stop at just meats, there are also some drinks that offer quite a lot of calories and protein, I recommend cran-grape juice by Ocean Spray as it contains a 170 calories which is 20 more calories then regular milk and it tastes pretty damn good! My favorite weight gain drink is...Eggnog!! Eggnog is the SHIT!!!! During the four or so months that is provided I suggest you drink this and only drink this as you will notice a huge increase in weight, I even put it in my cereal if that indicates how much I love it. Also for snacks I suggest a hot pocket or some sort of pastry meat thing, they are also very good and are excellent sources of protein and calories Pasta is also an excellent source for carbohydrates. Also if you go to a buffet don't be a dumbass and fill up on retarded items such as salad, fruit and soup. If you go to a buffet you better be eating steak, prime rib, lobster, shrimp, crab and clams.

II. When To Eat

You may think that to gain weight you eat three large meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner but that's false. You should eat five to six medium sized meals instead, where they do not fill you up as much as the three big meals but it satisfies your hunger. It is very important to be consistent with this, set an alarm every few hours to remind you to eat if you have to, even if your not hungry. Also with those meals you try to have some snacks in between them such as a power bar of some sort or a milkshake of some sort would also work great. You have to work hard to gain weight and that means constantly eating, not so much where all you do is sit on your ass all day but make sure you give your body all the essential proteins and vitamins it needs and usually a good time to eat or have a snack is right after a vigorous activity like working out, eating twenty to fifty minutes after your workout would be the best bet, when your muscles need the most nutrients. However do not eat before you do any work outs or you might cramp up unless it is some small amount of fruit such as a banana as that as sugars that will give you energy. I also highly reccomend you eat a decent meal/take a protein shake before bed, think about it, you should be sleeping ~7-9 hours a day, that is 7-9 hours that your body is NOT eating, not taking up any calories or anything for that matter.

III. Exercise

Everyone knows that muscles weighs more then fat, so when you want to gain weight do not just eat food all day and sit on your ass or you could go from being under weight to obese instead of going from under weight to being in great health. When aiming to gain weight you generally want to go with less reps more weight versus low weight more reps but you should still change it up to give your body a change up. Some lifts you should really do are bench, squat, clean/jerk and shoulder press. Other lifts I recommend are lungs, calf raises, push press and some curls.

IV. Recommended foods

Some foods that I personally love and eat which contain high amounts of calories and/or protein and.

Drinks Food Snacks

Milk (Chocolate or plain) Meats (Steak, Prime Rib) Milkshakes

Eggnog (Don't get non fat kind) Seafood (Lobster and clams) Slimfast

Cran-Grape Juice Rice (tons of protein) Balance Shakes

Raw Eggs with Sunny D Tuna Fish (Tons of protein) Ensure Shakes

Soybean Milk Italian Food (Tons of Carbs.) Power Bar


V. User Suggestions

Hey, just checked out your bb page. You should read section 2
(especially the part about protein) in Diet For New America by John
Robbins. Basically, while eating steak and prime rib may be fine while
you're young and working out, it still causes strokes, heart attacks,
and contributes to colon cancer in the long run. Dairy products (milk,
egg nog, etc) have LOTS OF BAD SHIT in them. Everyone thinks they're
fine because that's what's been taught in school, but it turns out that
what was taught in school was paid for by the Dairy Council. There are
vegetarian bodybuilders. I'm no dietitian either, but lots of animal
fat and cholesterol is NOT healthy.

That's all, just thought I'd pass it along...



I hear you about gaining muscle eating a lot of meat, and about what the
last guy said, about animal fats, these are very lean red meats which
contain a small amount of small amount of saturated fats, but a small
amount of these actually helps you pack on muscle.

Beef, eye of round 4 Oz 33.1 g. PROTEIN \ 6.5 g. FAT
Beef, top round 4 Oz 36.1 g. \ 6.7 g.
Beef, round, full cut 4 Oz 33.1 g. \ 8.3 g.
Beef, top sirloin 4 Oz 34.4 g. \ 9.1 g.




Hi there. I see on your Big O's Guide To Gaining Weight you have told of the need to eat lots of meat. This is very true, meat is a good source of protein. I've been lookin around at different bodybuildin sites and i saw on a few sites that its good to eat some carbohydrates(i.e. fruit), especially after a workout because otherwize your body takes away from muscle tissue to give you the energy you need for a workout. Carbs give you energy, and they are definately needed for working out and afterwards - fruits(and i think veggies and shit)are good sources of carbs... anyways your site is lookin good - keep up the good work.



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