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Getting Big Arms
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Big O's Advice On Getting Big Arms

When you go to a gym what are over 50% of the people working on? Their arms (Biceps, Triceps and everyone and then forearms) and why shouldn't they? When someone ask you to flex your muscles, you gather every ounce of pride you have and flex your biceps. It is universally accepted that strong tough men should have big arms. In additional to it's visual effects your arms are practically used in almost every sport.

It seems everyone and there mom has a way of training their arms. Who am I to say one technique is better then the other. With this guide I will just offer my general advice on training your arms and not give a specific technique. There are 1000's of programs out there to guaranteed to increase the mass of your arms. I would suggest trying whichever one your little heart desires but recommend that you follow these guide lines.


1.) Rest. Your arms need time to grow. Thus you do not need to train your arms more then twice a week. Otherwise you are over-training and will not give your arms the time to grow. Along with allowing time for your muscles to rest, you too must rest. That means get enough SLEEP. With today's hectic society it is damn hard to get the recommend 8 hours of sleep or so. With school, work, sports or whatever else is in you life. My best suggestion would be to keep a daily routine and stick to it. If your used to getting up at 8AM, then follow it. Every single day.

2.) Form over weights! Especially if you are just starting out you will be rather intimidated by the amounts of weight someone is lifting. You will feel pressured not to be out lifted. You will use weights that are too heavy for you and thus sacrificing your form just so it looks like you are using a heavier weight. DONT DO THAT. No one cares how much you lift. However people do notice someone using weights too heavy for them and thus are swinging them around and using horrible form. Don't be that person. Use whatever weight allows you to perform the necessary reps with the PROPER FORM.

3.) Nutrition. Obviously you need proper nutrition to grow. You need protein to build your muscles, especially after working out when your muscles need them the most. Excellent sources of protein are fish, meats including beef, pork and chicken. Also a protein shake consisting of whey protein has been shown to be the most easily absorbed by the body. Personally I always have a whey protein shake after my workouts and if possible a piece of chicken or a can of tuna. If you are confused as to which protein shake to try check out my reviews here

4.) Expectations. Do not expect to have huge 21" guns after a few workouts. There are too many factors to know when you will see results. It could be weeks, months and even years. It will take dedication and motivation to achieve your results.

5.) Overtraining. Mentioned in rest secton is overtraining. When you work your muscles before they have had a chance to fully recover from the previous workout then you are just damaging them rather then developing them. Thus if your body is still relatively sore and you just feel exhausted, its your body telling you it needs rest. Try not to get into the habit that if you are feeling the slighest bit tired or the slighest bit sore from something else and using it as an excuse to miss your workout. That is not preventing overtraining but is being a lazy pussy instead.

Finally here are some of lifts that I've had the most success with:

Note any of these that are unclear go to my training section and look for diagrams.


Twenty One's - This is a very popular exercise for building your biceps and can be done with a barbell or dumbbell. First load it with about 60% of max curling weight. Now you do a standard curl but instead of doing a full curl with 180 degrees you do it half way to 90 degrees and your arm should form an L. You do that for seven more reps. Your next set will be curling from the L position to full upright 180 degrees. You do that for seven more reps. Finally your last set is just a regular curl 0 degrees to 180 degrees. So three sets of seven is twenty one and thus the name. You should try to go for two or three sets of twenty one's and that will be a great biceps workout which you will feel the next day.

Pyramids or Ladders - The other exercise I use for biceps is another form of low weight high rep. Here you will load 70% of your max curl weight onto a dumbbell or barbell. You will start out curling it eight times. Have a one to two minute rest and then curl it twelve times. Another one to two minute rest and then curl it sixteen times another rest and then curl it twenty times. After that you go back down, twenty, sixteen, twelve and finally eight. I usually aim for two or three ladders.

Preacher Curl - By eliminating your back this will really put the emphasis on your biceps. Again you can either use a barbell or a dumbell. I switch it around to add variation to my workout.

Hammer Curl - Holding the dumbell vertically like hammer you curl. Very simple. As with all lifts use a weight you can handle and use proper form.

Incline Curl - Sitting on an incline bench I will use two dumbbells around 85% of my max and do a hammer curl and at the top of the movement straighten it out so it looks like a regular curl. I like this lift since sitting on the bench prevents the use of your back or momentum. The action of the hammer curl and then switching to a regular curl helps adds a peak to your biceps.


Close Grip Bench Press - You do this like a normal bench press except your grip is a lot closer. Their should be around 5 inches between your hands, a good way to judge is if your thumbs touch each other.

Pulley Push Down - For this you will need an triceps pulley push down machine. Can't really explain it, there is a bar attached to a pulley with weights and you push down on it :)

Skull Crushers - Lie down on a bench, hold a E-Z curl bar above your head and lock your elbows and drop the weight near your skull and then raise it back up. I suggest you pyramid up in weight (10-8-8)

Triceps Kick Backs - Using a fairly light weight compared to other exercises you perform a kick back by having your back almost parallel to the ground with your face towards the ground and your arms start at a 90 degree angel and from there move backward almost parallel to your back. You can perform a twist at the end for added difficulty.

Overhead dumbell extension - One of my favorites as I feel an excellent burn after performing 3-5 sets. With out a spotter you must be careful getting the weight up there.


Probably the most ignored part of the arm but still important. I use the following lifts:

Reverse wrist curls- Just like a regular curl except your palms are facing outwards instead of inwards. If you use a barbell try to lock your elbows.

Behind the back wrist curl- Load a bar with weight you feel comfortable with and stand in front of it curl the weight as if you were revving up a motorcycle.

Weight tied to rope - I don't know the official name for this but I've seen them in lots of gyms. There is a few weight plates attached to a rope attached to a wood bar. You stick out your arms directly across holding the wooden bar and using your forearms twist the bar until it pulls the string all the way up. Now lower it slowly and perform again this time twisting in the opposite direction.


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