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EAS HMB Supplement Review
Benefits and Side Effects

Now this is a different type of supplement... Anti-Catabolic, as opposed to Anabolic!

What is it? 
That's simple... beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate!  Easy enough... any more questions?  Its actually a metabolite of leucine. (an amino acid)  It's naturally present in foods such as catfish and grapefruit. 

Background information:
It is our goal to build more muscle.  But to get more muscle, it is essential to understand the basic processes involved in gaining muscle.  It makes sense that to get more muscle, you should BUILD MORE MUSCLE!  Obviously!  However, it is not as well known that the body naturally breaks down muscle during the last half of sleep at night, as well as throughout the day if we don't consume protein frequently enough!  This is done to keep the body in homeostasis. (balance)  This is great for the normal sedentary person because he/she doesn't want to gain muscle, but this poses a problem for natural bodybuilders!  It holds that we could be more muscular if we could minimise muscle breakdown, and thus our NET gains would be greater!

What does it do?
Benefits: It helps to increase protein metabolism, (use of protein to build muscle) and to reduce the natural breakdown of muscle tissue (catabolism - Natural process, but the worst enemy of a natural bodybuilder!) 

It can theoretically be successfully used during a cutting-up cycle.  Because of it's muscle-sparing (anti-catabolic) effects, it allows us to shed fat, while maintaining precious muscle!

Is it safe?
YES!  What, no downside?    That's right, so far, there are absolutely no reported side effects, or safety concerns.  In fact, it is classified as a dietary supplement because it is derived from food.  Tests were even performed on lab rats which were administered HIGH doses of this stuff.  Nope, no adverse effects, but please, follow appropriate doses!

What are the appropriate doses?
For most people, 3gm's a day.  Divided into 3 servings with meals.  For larger people, 200lbs+ might require a little more, but a 110lb woman might only need 2gm.  Use discretion!   

What's the catch?
Well, price!  It is more expensive to manufacture than say creatine, and not too many places can manufacture HMB, so of course, that cost gets passed along to you!  Also, illegal in some European locations I believe!  It's cheaper in North America, but still not a bargain by any means.

Personal Experience/Advice:
I've used HMB, and the results are indeed subtle.  There has been a lot of talk recently as to whether of not HMB even works at all!  My honest opinion is that for the results that it provides (if any) are not worth the price, as this money could be better spent on additional protein powder, quality food, antioxidants, vitamins, taking a loved one out for a nice meal or even putting it away for safe keeping.  (almost anything!)

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