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15 Minute Door Gym Total Body Workout
By Frank Melfa of

The great thing is that you can perform this workout at home in your own room using the Door Gym for pullups and performing the most basic exercise ever created by man, the basic Pushup. Once again, a staggered set is when you perform an exercise for one bodypart and then immediately perform an exercise for a different bodypart. In this case, you will be performing a pullup and then immediately performing a pushup.

With these two exercises, you work the entire upperbody. The pullups hit your entire back and your biceps, and the pushups hit your chest, shoulders, and triceps. A closer grip with pullups works more biceps. A wider grip works more back. Performing pushups with your hands close together works more triceps. Pushups with your hands farther apart work more chest.

I get some of my best workouts at home; try this one!

Exercise Sets Reps
Wide Grip Pullups 2 10
Close Grip Pullups 2 10
Reverse Grip Pullups 2 10
Wide Pushups 2 25
Close Pushups 2 25
Wide Pushups 2 25

Summary of the Workout:

  • Perform a set of Wide Grip pullups for 10 reps (or as many as you can get) and then immediately perform a set of Wide Pushups. Take a quick 15-second rest and repeat.

  • Perform a set of Close Grip Pullups and then immediately perform a set of Close Pushups. Take a quick 15-second rest and then repeat.

  • Perform a set of Reverse Grip Pullups and then immediately perform a set of Wide Pushups. That's it, You Are Done!!
In this workout, you are performing a total of 6 sets of Pullups and 6 sets of Pushups. You get done quickly and get a great workout. This workout is not written in stone. If you want to perform more sets and reps of either exercise then go ahead. If you can't get 10 pullups or 25 pushups every time, then don't worry about it. Get as many as you can. I always perform this workout to failure. That is, I perform my pullups and pushups until I can't do anymore. Sometimes it's 30 pushups and 12 pullups and sometimes it's 20 pushups and 8 pullups.

I take only about 15 seconds to rest after performing a set of each, but if you think you need a little more than 15 seconds to rest, then take it.

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