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Natural Bodybuilding How Many Sets
They say that if you get ten natural bodybuilders in a circle you will get ten different answers on what is the exact amount of sets and reps that should be done for each body-part. The point is that it depends on a number of things not the least of which is the length of time you have been training. But it is generally accepted that a natural bodybuilder should do no more then 12 sets per body-part.

For example doing a chest workout you would do 3-4 sets for the bench press, 3 sets for incline db presses, 2-3 sets for flyes and 2 sets of db pull-overs. This adds up to 10-12 sets total. For back workout, if you did 2 sets of close-grip pull-downs, 4 sets of barbell rows, 3 sets of seated cable rows and 3 sets of deadlifts, this would add up to 12 sets total.

This includes all the sets you are doing (except for the one warm-up on the bench press that donít count) and not just the "working sets". For example, on barbell rows, you would start with 185x12, then 225x10, 275x8 and 295x6. Some people only count the last 2 heavy sets as a set but it is best include all the sets for the exercise.

The 12 sets mentioned above is not something that can and should be very strict as doing biceps, you could only do 3 sets of incline curls and 2-3 sets of barbell curls followed by 2 sets of hammer curls. This adds up to 7-8 sets total. You don't need nearly as many sets to work the biceps as you would the back.

For all natural bodybuilders nutrition and rest time between the times that you train that same body-part are vitally important in order to continue the strength gains required. Most natural bodybuilders that have been training for more than a year are extremely weary of reaching that dreaded plateau and are always looking out for signs of this showing.

The only way that you are going to notice that you have reached a plateau is by making a note of your last maximum weight that you lifted. It is by slow and incremental gains in the weight that you are lifting that you will also stay one step ahead of that plateau. The only way to continue your growth in muscle is by progressive resistance which means getting stronger with each work-out.

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