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Natural Bodybuilding How Much Cardio
It is a hotly disputed topic of discussion how much cardio to do when ďcuttingĒ or when losing fat for a bodybuilding competition as well as when putting on muscle in the off season. Many competitive bodybuilders will tell you that you should stay away from cardio completely when gaining muscle in the off season but others will tell you that you should always do cardio at least three times a week to keep your metabolism going at a descent pace.

If you are relying on cardio for fat reduction you are at some point going to become a slave to the activity that has the potential, if performed incorrectly to cause you to appear flat and even worse lose a degree of that hard fought for muscle mass you cherish so much. So why the dispute so heated when so many are successful bodybuilders use cardio as a tool to burn fat?

The reason seems not enough emphasis is placed on diet and too much emphasis is placed on creating a caloric deficit. It seems that a lot of misery can be avoided when you can gain total control of your fat loss if you spend the months of your time concentrating on your eating program to adjust the calories correctly and not try and spend hours on cardio in the last few weeks if you dial into your eating program at the correct time.

Please donít misunderstand what cardio does. It should play a role in your training program but itís much more limited than most choose to believe. Remember this rule when it comes to metabolic stimulation, cardio is a short term fix, diet and weight training is long term. What that means is after a good hard cardio workout you have about a four hour window, within that time frame you are still burning calories but after that the metabolic stimulation you got from all that hard work itís over.

Weight training and diet on the other hand are 24/7. Common sense should prevail when you can get into a routine long before a competition and not place so much faith in an activity that is only working for you no more than four hours a day? It is better to gain control of your fat loss and use cardio as a way to increase your endurance levels for better weight training sessions and of course the health of your heart.

Rather use a proper diet to slowly reduce your overall percentage of body fat. You will be consistently much more successful in your attempt to lose body fat, not to mention much happier and pleasant to be around.


1. Three to four days per week.

2. Half hour to forty five minutes in duration.

3. Try interval training (sessions that alternate a high and low intensity period) rather than long low intensity cardio workouts. Studies show that interval training increases protein synthesis and also has greater long term effect.

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