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How To Build Huge Legs
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Big O's Guide on Building Huge Legs

While few things are greater in life then a nice set a firm warm golden legs that just wrap you up, sorry got a little carried away. The thing is most men neglect to to train their legs and it is mainly dominated my females and those men that do train their legs do it wrongly. There are many reasons you would want to get huge legs. Having huge legs results in a strong base will help you out in almost every sport. Whether it allows you to run faster, jump higher or kick harder, whatever the reason getting huge legs will benefit in almost every physical activity. By working your legs you will be helping your total body grow since your legs are the largest muscles in your body and when they are exercised they will release growth hormone througout your body. So how do you gain these tree trunks of legs? Read on.

Guidelines ( a lot of these are similar to the guidelines for training your arms)

1.) Rest. Your legs need time to grow and can take a few days to recover depending on how hard you work them. Thus you do not need to train your legs more then twice a week. Otherwise you are over-training and will not give your legs the time to grow. Along with allowing time for your muscles to rest, you too must rest. That means get enough SLEEP. With today's hectic society it is damn hard to get the recommend 8 hours of sleep or so. With school, work, sports or whatever else is in you life. My best suggestion would be to keep a daily routine and stick to it. If your used to getting up at 8AM, then follow it. Every single day.

2.) Overtraining. Mentioned in rest secton is overtraining. When you work your muscles before they have had a chance to fully recover from the previous workout then you are just damaging them rather then developing them. Thus if your body is still relatively sore and you just feel exhausted, its your body telling you it needs rest. Try not to get into the habit that if you are feeling the slighest bit tired or the slighest bit sore from something else and using it as an excuse to miss your workout. That is not preventing overtraining but is being a lazy pussy instead.

3.) Form over weights! Especially if you are just starting out you will be rather intimidated by the amounts of weight someone is lifting. You will feel pressured not to be out lifted. You will use weights that are too heavy for you and thus sacrificing your form just so it looks like you are using a heavier weight. DONT DO THAT. No one cares how much you lift. However people do notice someone using weights too heavy for them and thus are swinging them around and using horrible form. Don't be that person. Use whatever weight allows you to perform the necessary reps with the PROPER FORM. This is especially true with SQUATS. 90% of the people in the gym are doing them WRONG. You legs should AT LEAST be parallel to the floor if not touching your ass. I see to many half or quarter squats where people load of the weight and simply squat for 2 inches and that is it. HORRIBLE. If you need help with your form have someone look at you while you life or use a mirror or even a chair/bench can be placed beneth you and you can use that to judge how low to go.

4.) Nutrition. Obviously you need proper nutrition to grow. You need protein to build your muscles, especially after working out when your muscles need them the most. Excellent sources of protein are fish, meats including beef, pork and chicken. Also a protein shake consisting of whey protein has been shown to be the most easily absorbed by the body. Personally I always have a whey protein shake after my workouts and if possible a piece of chicken or a can of tuna. If you are confused as to which protein shake to try check out my reviews here

5.) Expectations. Do not expect to have huge legs after a few workouts. There are too many factors to know when you will see results. It could be weeks, months and even years. It will take dedication and motivation to achieve your results.

Lifts that I've had success with

Squat- The primary lift in getting huge weights however I am amazed to see beginners do this lift incorrectly. I see them load up the bar thinking they are big bad and tough however when they squat they only go down a few inches. I was taught right when I started lifting to keep the top of your thigh parallel to the ground. I repeat it is VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE TOP OF YOUR THIGH PARALLEL TO GROUND. The squat is useless if you do not go parallel or "ass to the grass" as they say. If you are just starting I suggest you have someone watching you while you squat to make sure your going down low enough. Or squat in front of the mirror or this may sound a little retarded but have a bench or low stool and when you squat, when your ass touches the stool or bench then you have known you've gone low enough. If you are still having problems going down low enough I suggest keeping your head up and stare at the ceiling. Also you do not need to do a good mourning while do this lift, keep your back straight!

Lunges- Another lift I use to complement the squat. This is sort of a one legged squat, you really feel this in your whole leg. However I HIGHLY recommend that when you lunge you have a spotter! This can be a sort of dangerous lift if you get stuck and well your kind of screwed then. When you lung you also want to make sure that the top of your thigh is also parallel to the ground just like a squat. You don't need to touch the ground with your knee but it doesn't hurt.

Front Squat - Probably one of my favorite leg lifts. I was just introduced to this lift a couple of months ago and use it as a change up to squat. Instead of placing the weight on your shoulders in the back you want to hold the bar in front of you like a push press. Therefore all the weight is out front and it really hard, I was told that you generally use half the amount of weight you would use in a back squat. This lift is a must try, very hard but also rewarding. Again remember to go till your thighs are parallel.

Leg Curls - I am not a big fan of this I also use it as a change up in my routine but done correctly you can really feel the burn. In my opinion I do not think weight is key to this lift but more of reps. When I do this I usually hold it for a few seconds before letting it come down. Also to REALLY hit your legs do them one leg at a time, if done correctly you will have a hard time walking doing a hard long one legged set.

Calf Raises - Can be done standing or sitting, since I am used to standing I prefer them but I've been told that sitting is much easier on the back and focus more the calves so I will have to try them more. When doing these you want to go for burnout so that you can feel them the next day. Varying your stances while doing these will hit different parts of your calves so I suggest do some close together other far apart, some with toes pointing in and some with out, you get the idea.

Running and Agility

Finally to complement all the lifts you work on your legs you have to do running and agility. The absolute best way in my opinion to do this is HILL RUNNING. I know these are a bitch to do but you want to find a hill that is not to steep that you need rope to climb it but steep enough to give you trouble. You want to SPRINT your ass up that hill and focus on short quick choppy steps. Depending on your stamina and endurance you can either rest up on the hill for a min minutes and walk back down or jog back down. I also suggest a cone drill that I do, all you need is a cone or a box about something a foot or so high. Then with ONE foot hop in front of it then back 30 times and then switch foots. THIS is very tiring and I can hardly walk after doing this. If you get good enough after 30 times front and back add 30 times side to side. Finally there is always old fashion jump roping, I suggest you keep on the balls of your feet which should help your calves. Also do some sprint programs a few days a week and if you get good enough or if you got the cash invest in some ankle weights or a weight sled or a parachute thing, saw it on East Bay.


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