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Improtance of High Protein Bodybuilding Diet

When reflecting on what we do as natrual bodybuilders what is it that makes us grow. Well there are many things, supplements and so on. These substances certainly hold on to their claim to fame, and deceivingly so, however they would be worthless without protein. Protein is the most fundamental part of this whole game we play, it's like a basketball, if you don't have one, you can't play. Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies, be skeletal muscle or otherwise.

Protein is what builds muscle, if you want to be huge, you NEED protein, plain and simple. Arnold didn't build his "Bulging Biceps" and "Championship Chest" by eating ho-ho's all day. Eating a solid, consistent protein rich diet keeps the body in the positive nitrogen balance. When in this state the muscle cells are taking on new amino acids at a faster rate than it is using them for bodily functions. In short, it means you're growing. So, that's not so hard, eat a consistent amount of protein throughout the day and stay in the nitrogen balance, that's step one anyway.

If you're going to train as hard as you do, and diet and recuperate so religiously you want to get the most out of your efforts right? Well now you have to up the protein intake. One gram per pound of bodyweight is a great rule of thumb that I have followed for years; this has proven to bevery adequate. There are times though when MORE IS BETTER.

Steak, chicken, eggs, fish, and cheese on everything should be the menu if you're trying to get big. Some people believe in cycling their protein intake, there may be some merit to not wanting your body to become less receptive to protein absorption, but as bodybuilders, there is literally no time when our protein intake shouldn't be sky high. Whether it's to grow while bulking, or hang on to what we've earned while cutting, protein IS a necessary tool to reach our physique goals. If your bulking, try upping your protein intake to 500 or even 600 grams for as many days as you can stand it, you will GROW a lot, and be strong as an ox.

Now, eating is fun, most protein foods taste good, but what happens when you get sick of eating all that protein all the time? Enter protein powders, our convenient little friends that make up 200 grams of my protein intake every day. What powder to use should be fairly simple. Anything with whey protein is fine, after that prerequisite go with what tastes best to you. I find no difference in gains between whey protein isolate and concentrate, I don't care if isolate absorbs 10 percent better, it's not worth 20 more dollars per pound, so I go with concentrate. Protein shakes can get very old very quickly if you don't change them up. I like to add strawberries, bananas, kiwi, peanut butter, and oatmeal, something different every time so that it doesn't always taste the same. These additives add calories to your diet also, which is fundamental of growth, so that's a plus.

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