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Kre Alkalyn Creatine Benefits for Bodybuilding
Kre-Alkalyn is what is known as a "buffered creatine" which means that it does not get converted into creatinine before it reaches the skeletal muscle tissue. Kre-Alkalyn is now patented and is registered as a nutritional supplement.

Kre-Alkalyn was released on the market because it is strongly believed to have the same benefits as regular creatine but without any of the side-effects when using creatine monohydrate. The manufacturers of Kre-Alaklyn have assured all users of this product that it will have the same ergogenic and safety as creatine monohydrate but will be more effective.

The information released by the manufacturers of Kre-Alkalyn is that it is processed at a much higher PH level than any regular creatine monohydrate. The manufacturers believe that the conversion from creatine to creatinine is something that is a function of your PH level. That all conversion that happens to creatine to turn into the useless waste product called creatinine can be completed stopped by the PH level manipulation that is done during the manufacture process.

This slowing or stopping of this conversion from creatine to creatinine may also help the body absorb a lot more creatine. This will lead to the lowering of the dosages that are required for beneficial results. This will make the cost of taking creatine less and will increase the usage which shows no signs of slowing down.

The anecdotal evidence that there is available for Kre-Alkalyn has so far all been very positive and there are many different users who are able to report a radical decrease in water retention and stopping that "creatine bloat" which is so familiar to many users across the world. But the many users of Kre-Alkalyn have all reported that the end of any "loading" phase required when taking this product is a major advantage.

Athletes can benefit when taking this product because of the enhanced immune system function plus the increased muscle mass as well as the functional strength that is seen from the use of creatine. But seniors can also benefit from Kre Alkalyn because the use of this product can help in the maintenance of any muscle tissue.

The reason why it could be so effective for senior citizens is because the muscle tissue protects the bone mass from getting stressed or fractured and research shows that creatine may help protect muscle tissue and therefore indirectly protecting the loss of bone mass.

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