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Mike O'Hearn Natural Bodybuilding Workout

Mike O'Hearn Bodybuilder

Mike O'Hearn is a competitive bodybuilder and a model that has been featured on the cover of well-over 500 magazines and voted by the readers as the Fitness Model of the Year on several occasions. Mike is also known as "Titan" to his many fans across the world because that was his name in the Gladiator movies.

Mike has proven himself to be steroid-free by winning the Mr. Natural Universe 4 times and is also the only gladiator to be in both the 1989-96 gladiator series as well as the 2008 series. Mike is also the founder of a training program called Power Bodybuilding to develop strength and hypertrophy, with aesthetics.

His Power Bodybuilding program is very specific and the body-parts he trains look like this on a weekly basis:

Monday: Chest, Cardio, and then Abs

Tuesday: Legs, Cardio, and then Abs

Wednesday: Shoulders, Cardio, and then Abs

Thursday: Arms, Cardio, and then Abs

Friday: Back, Cardio, and then Abs

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Like any good natural bodybuilder knows, the only way to keep your muscles growing is to cycle your workouts. Mike splits his cycle as listed below. It should be noted that he never trains to the point of failure, or beyond failure. His core strength building lifts are Incline Press, Squats and Deadlifts. Below is the percentage of his maximum weight that he uses in a 12 week cycle.

Weeks 1-4: 70%: 5 X 4 reps

Weeks 5-8: 80%: 5 X 3 reps

Weeks 9-12: 90%: 5 X 2 reps

His rep scheme for any secondary work does not change. Mike cycles everything, including his cardio work.

Weeks 1-4: 30 minutes for 4 days/week
Weeks 5-8: 45 minutes for 5 days/week
Weeks 9-12: 1 hour for 6 days/week

MONDAY: Chest, Cardio and Abs
Barbell Incline Bench-press (medium grip): 6 X 5 reps
D/B Bench-press 4-5 X 10 reps
Incline D/B Flyes 3 X 8-10 reps
PM Cardio and Abs: 30 MINUTES

TUESDAY: Legs, Cardio, and Abs
Barbell Squats: 7 X 3 reps
Leg Press: 5 X 10 reps
Leg Extensions: 3 X 8 reps
PM Cardio and Abs: 30 minutes

WEDNESDAY: Shoulders, Cardio, and Abs
Standing Military Press: 3 X 8 reps
Upright B/B rowing: 3 X 8 reps
Standing D/B Upright Rows: 3 X 8 reps
D/B lateral raises: 4 X 12 reps
Seated Bent-over D/B raises: 4 X 12 reps
PM Cardio and Abs: 20 minutes

THURSDAY: Arms, Cardio and Abs
Barbells Curls: 3 X 8-12 reps
Seated D/B Curls: 3 X 8-12 reps
Preacher Curls: 3 X 8-12 reps
Lying Triceps Press: 4 X 8-12 reps
Triceps Push-downs: 4 X 8-12 reps
D/B Incline Triceps ext: 4 X 8-12 reps
PM Cardio and Abs: 30 minutes

FRIDAY: Back, Cardio and Abs:
Barbell Deadlifts: 7 X 2 reps
One-arm D/B Rows: 5 X 10 reps
Wide-Grip Lat Pull-downs: 3 X 8 reps
PM Cardio and Abs: 30 MINUTES


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Mike O'Hearn Workout

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