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Muscle Building Tips

....Ten Tips For Those Who Want To Build Muscle....


1.  Eat Enough
To gain weight and muscle mass is difficult because the body struggles to keep its weight. To gain mass you need to eat more than your body requires to maintain its normal functions. You must eat 500 to 1000 extra calories per day to persuade the body to gain more muscle mass.

2.  Eat Every Third Hour
You can wait longer between meals, but do you constantly want to be in an anabolic phase? Your blood sugar should not sink too low, but it will if you do not eat every 3 to 4 hours. It does not have to be a proper meal each time you eat. A quick meal or a protein-drink will be enough.

3.  Accept a Certain Increase In Body Fat
You have to choose between building muscle or burning fat. You cannot (or it is very hard to) do this at the same time.

4.  Eat a Proper Breakfast
At night, when you are asleep, the body is subversive because you have not been eating for several hours. This makes breakfast a very important meal because it stops the cataclysm.

5.  Vary the Food
The body can become accustomed to a certain diet. If you eat the same food for several years you can count on it that your development will stagnate. Do not let the body become accustomed to your diet.

6.  Choose the Right Supplement
There is an unbelievable amount of supplements on the market today. Allot of them are junk. Only use supplements that you know work. Highly recommended supplements are creatine and extra protein. There are allot more supplements from which to choose, but these are the best from which to start.

7.  Get Enough Rest
It has been said that you grow while you sleep, and sure it is true.
Do not train more than three days in a row. Some who really want to gain muscle will only train two or even one day at a time. The results are often impressive.

8.  Train Right
If you are not sure of how to do an exercise, ask someone that is knowledgeable about the exercise. If you are training incorrectly you will not grow and your chances of hurting yourself are quite great.

9.  Change the Routine
Change your training program every two months. Do not let the muscles adapt to the same routine.

10. Make Goals and Achieve Them
To train without a goal is meaningless. Make a goal, for example, to gain six pounds of muscle mass. Do not give up before you have gained those extra six pounds. Use all your knowledge about nutrition and training. It is not only more fun to train with a goal, your progress will also increase faster. You will be more motivated and you will train and attend to your diet perfectly.

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