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Natural Bodybuilding Facts


Natural bodybuilding, and in fact bodybuilding in general, has to be one of the most widely misunderstood physical activities ever. There are so many myths and misconceptions that need to be addressed that it's difficult to know exactly where to start. We have to deal with the cynics who just ignorantly claim that all bodybuilders are just drug addled narcissists, right down to the deluded young boys who believe that taking out a gym membership and pushing out two sets of incline bench press is enough to turn them into Gods. I would like to take a few minutes just to reinforce a few of the basic facts on natural bodybuilding, and maybe even dispel a few myths as well along the way.

Firstly, developing a huge muscular physique takes time, it doesn't just happen overnight. There are very few guys out there who are built that way naturally so you will need to work, and work damn hard, to reach your goal.

Secondly, natural bodybuilding is a scientific process. You will need to educate yourself on a number of matters. For example, what is your body type? Do you understand your metabolism, your anatomy and your own personal physiology? Have you taken the time to understand how muscle is actually built, how the muscle fibres are broken down and then replenished? Sure natural bodybuilding is a hugely physical undertaking but it would be ridiculously nave to overlook the importance of education and knowledge when it comes to developing the perfect physique. It should come as no surprise whatsoever to learn that nearly every single successful natural bodybuilder is also highly intelligent. The myth of the meathead bodybuilder is exactly that, a myth!

Thirdly, never forget the role that your diet has to play. There is just no way around it your diet will ultimately determine just how successful you will be. You could spend all day at the gym working your butt off but if you leave and go straight to Mcdonalds for a dozen happy meals and a Mcflurry then you may as well forget about your muscular physique. You have to increase your caloric intake to encourage the required weight gain and that diet will have to focus on high fibre, low fat and seriously protein rich foods. The right diet is a subject that could, and indeed has, filled many volumes and all the information you could ever need is out there for you. There is therefore no excuse, as you are responsible for what you put in your mouth and nobody else. Remember, if you eat crap, you will look like crap! Simple as that, and it's 100% non negotiable.

Fourthly, rest and recovery are as vital to your muscular development as sets and reps. It is perhaps the most common mistake, certainly amongst newcomers to the sport, and it can have devastating effects. Your muscles need at least 48 hours to recover from their exertions and to allow the muscle fibres to regenerate. Not allowing the muscle to recuperate correctly will lead to just two things. Injury and disappointment, Fact! Concentrate on your rest and recovery as much as you do on your workout plan and you will not go too far wrong.

Fifth on the list is perhaps the most controversial and certainly the one that provokes the most debate. As a natural bodybuilder I have to say that I have no time at all for anabolic steroids or any form of illegal substance whatsoever. It's just a personal choice and I have no right to judge but for me, drugs are bad news, the facts surrounding steroids are irrefutable and scary. Aside from the physical aspects the effects steroids have on your psychology mean they should be avoided. I know the temptation to take shortcuts is there but my advice would always be to stay strong and keep it natural. Drugs have no place in the gym for a natural bodybuilder Fact!

Finally, I have a couple of facts that I am confident cannot be denied. In order to develop your perfect physique the natural way you will need to have a plan. Without a specific goal in mind and a carefully thought out plan in place you will have absolutely no chance of achieving your ultimate objective. Make sure to review your program on a weekly or monthly basis and revise it accordingly, gradually increasing your weight and rep range. Have a set plan and stick to it rigidly and you will succeed Fact!

I also feel it is important to emphasise just how much of a positive impact natural bodybuilding has on your emotional and spiritual health. Knowing that you have worked hard to achieve your goals, and that you have done it all naturally, without resorting to cheating, will leave you with an amazing sense of pride and self worth. The boost to your self-esteem alone will go on to have massive benefits to the rest of your life. Fact!

Stay training hard, keep focused and always remember to keep it natural.

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Natural Bodybuilding Facts

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