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Natural Bodybuilding Over 40
Over the years there have been many bodybuilders that have competed successfully beyond the age of 40. Probably the best example is Chris Dickenson who won Mr. Olympia at the age of 42. There are however a few disadvantages of competing after the age of 40 and the slowed production of your own testosterone levels as you get older is probably the biggest.

But the advantage of training as a bodybuilder after the age of 40 is that you are set in your ways and that you can develop an eating and a training plan that you can stick to. Having the maturity to stick to a plan and patiently monitor the results is something that takes discipline and patience. To be successful as a natural bodybuilder over the age of 40 requires dedication and perseverance.

Probably the most likely trap that many weight trainers fall into who are over the age of 40 is getting into a training rut and not monitoring their progress. The result will be falling into the dreaded plateau that will have you doing the exact same workout using the exact same movements and the exact same weights without progressing.

The result will simply be that you will not increase the amount of muscle that you are putting on and this will allow the time to flit by without you changing your physique. Physiologically speaking you can theoretically carry on putting on muscle until you are well over 90 years old. Your connective tissue and your bones adapt to the training that you do the same as your muscles do.

The slowing down of your own personal HGH levels is something that can actually be changed according to your own efforts and there is no rule that says that you cannot increase the production of your own testosterone levels after the age of 40. However sports science has shown conclusively that the production of testosterone decreases every year as we get older.

The power of the control of your body starts with the power to control your mind. Every natural bodybuilder knows that the idea of improving or increasing the amount of muscle that you carry is limited only by your attitude to your training and your diet. In conclusion the only limitation to being a competitive natural bodybuilder over the age of 40 is your own mind and nothing else.


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