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Natural Bodybuilding Program
If you want to gain muscle you need to get down to the basics. These basics are the same for anyone involved with bodybuilding who wants to get stronger so that you can put on more muscle. There is simply no way around the time tested principal of progressive resistance. What this means in a nut-shell is that the stronger you are and the more weight you can lift the more muscle you will have as a result.

It takes time to get these results simply because your body needs to adjust to the stress that you are putting it under when you train. But if you are training correctly with the correct form and with a high intensity for less than 60 minutes you will gain muscle of that there is no question. There is obviously a very effective way to help this process along and that is by eating correctly.

As a natural bodybuilder one needs your regular and balanced food intake more and if you are competing as a natural bodybuilder it is a good idea to use a select few supplements as well. These will not pack on the muscle but they will help by giving the additional advantage of getting the maximum amount of repair from your high intensity workouts.

All advanced bodybuilders should be training with a split routine and keeping a very careful eye on their progress so that they can keep a watchful eye on any potential plateau that might be developing without their knowledge. There are certain ways that one can ensure that you are always shocking the muscle into growth by constantly changing your workout routine. The most important thing that is needed when embarking on a natural bodybuilding program is sustainability, will power and sheer tenacity. It is only with the combination of these attributes that you will be successful as a natural bodybuilder. No matter what body type you may have you will be able to change the amount of muscle that you hold on your body if you are willing to put in the work.

If you have been training for less than 12 months then you should know that this is a time when you are probably putting on muscle faster than any other time in your bodybuilding career. Research shows that as you progress and start getting stronger your body will gain less and less muscle until you reach a point that you need to go beyond the point of failure in order to continue to put on muscle.

Being a successful natural bodybuilder is all about having good muscle size and a low body-fat percentage, without resorting to the use of performance-enhancing substances. Without a doubt, one of the most important factors in your success is the training plan that you follow. While any well-constructed, balanced workout performed at a high intensity will get results, you may be more suited to certain training routines than others. There are three main types of workouts you can choose, depending on your current level, goals and lifestyle.

Full-Body Routine

Movement-Based Split

Body Part Split

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