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Natural Bodybuilding Routines
You will achieve success with natural bodybuilding only if you are able to create a very specific plan on exactly how you are going to achieve the objective that you have set out for yourself.

But it depends on your lifestyle, your other commitments as well as the amount of time that you have available in order to train. But whatever the choices that you have you need to make sure that you are well prepared to take on the eating changes that will be required in order to ensure success. The next issue is selecting a training program that you are able to stick to on a regular basis.

There are basically there choices that you can make:

Full-Body Routine

Full-body workouts involve training your whole body in each session, usually three times per week. According to strength coach Chad Waterbury, full-body training allows you to keep intensity levels high, has a focus on large, compound movements, means you only have to be in the gym three times per week and gives you plenty of recovery time between sessions.

On the downside, though, if you want to train more than three times per week, you will find it very difficult, and there is little time for you to focus on any smaller body parts, like calves and biceps, that you want to bring up.

Movement-Based Split

Full-body training is great for beginners, but trainer and author of "Brawn," Stuart McRobert, recommends progressing to some type of split routine after a year of full-body training. A movement-based split has you training anywhere between two and six times per week, and involves splitting your body up into pushing muscles -- your chest, shoulders, triceps and quadriceps, and pulling muscles -- hamstrings, upper and low back, traps and biceps.

Legs sometimes are given their own day. This type of workout is more suited to slightly more advanced natural bodybuilders, and it gives you more room to vary your sessions. However, you may still struggle to devote much training time to any lagging muscles.

Body Part Split

You will often see body part splits laid out in bodybuilding and fitness magazines. You split your body in to between four and seven different sessions, although the typical natural bodybuilding routine would be done over four days, doing back and biceps on day one, chest and triceps on day two, legs on day three, and shoulders and traps on day four.

Body part splits are great for really focusing on certain muscles and allowing you to train with a very high volume and intensity. However, because of this, it is also easy to over-train, and because you only train each muscle group once per week, it may mean that some larger muscles such as your back and legs don't get trained frequently enough.

Any workout plan will get you good results, provided you put in the effort in your sessions, follow a correct diet and have patience. No matter what plan you choose, stick to a maximum of five exercises per session and be sure to give your muscles adequate recovery time between training sessions.

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