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Bodybuilding Neck Workout

The Achilles heel for most bodybuilders is not the in the ankle area (the Achilles region) but rather then neck. The typical bodybuilder builds up virtually all the other muscle groups, but training the neck falls through the cracks.

Neglecting your neck is a big mistake because having a huge body with a scrawny neck makes you look cartoonish instead of cool. You look ridiculous, and it can negate the effect of the rest of your body, no matter how big you get.


The good news about the neck is that it readily responds to stimulation. It doesn’t take long to make the neck real muscular and turn it into a benefit instead of a burden to the body.

You can even get by training the neck just once a week and still see good gains.

The neck responds quickly to training stimulus and you should be able to build a thick neck fairly fast.

Four Sides

Vince Gironda always pointed out a muscle has four sides and this is particularly pertinent for the neck. You want to train the neck from all angles so that it is sturdy, strong and thick from however it is viewed.

A neck strap will let you work the neck from any angle. All you need to do is add a dumbbell and away you go. Front, back, and both sides should be targeted. You can also use a cable pulley attached to the neck strap for the different angles.

Start with a light dumbbell initially and then work up to much heavier weight. Do so incrementally so that your neck becomes accustomed to the challenge over time and it will grow and grow.

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