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Skip La Cour Natural Bodybuilding Workout

Skip La Cour Bodybuilder

Skip La Cour is well established in bodybuilding, not only for being the first bodybuilder to ever win the NPC Team Universe Overall title twice. But for competing for over 15 years and winning the NPC heavyweight division 5 times, this man knows what he's doing when it comes to building muscle.

Skip has proven himself to be steroid free by competing in, and winning ALL of the top 10 NPC (National Physique Committee) drug-tested bodybuilding shows. Skip has competed around the world as a bodybuilder in 29 top bodybuilding competitions. He stands 5'11" tall and competes between 205lbs and 220lbs.

Below is an example of the type of training Skip does. Please note that his cardio work is excluded from this weekly training routine. Skip is no fool and knows very well that the only way to get sustainable muscle growth is by cycling the workouts he does. This weekly routine below is just a random sample of one of his cycles.

Leg press: 3 X4-6 reps
Squats: 2 X 4-6 reps
Stiff-legged deadlifts: 3 X 4-6 reps
Leg Curls: 2 X 4-6 reps
Standing Calf raises: 4-6 reps
45 calf press: 3 X 4-6 reps

Barbell curls: 3 X 4-6 reps
Alternate D/B curls: 2 X 4-6 reps
D/B hammer curls: 1 X 4-6 reps
Lying Triceps Press: 1 X 4-6 reps
Triceps pushdowns: 2 X 4-6 reps
Overhead Triceps ext. 2 X 4-6 reps
Wrist curls: 2 X 4-6 reps
D/B wrist curls: 2 X 4-6 reps

D/B press (with rotation): 3 X 4-6 reps
B/B Military Press: 3 X 4-6 reps
D/B lateral raises: 1 X 4-6 reps
Barbell Shrugs: 2 X 4-6 reps
Upright Rowing: 2 X 4-6 reps

Close-grip Lat pull-downs: 3 X 4- 6 reps
Seated cable rowing: 2 X 4 6 reps
Bent-over B/B rowing: 2 X 4-6 reps
Weighted Hyper-extensions: 2 X 4-6 reps
Good Mornings: 2 X 4-6 reps

Flat B/B bench-press: 3 X 4-6 reps
Incline D/B press: 2 X 4-6 reps
Weighted Dips: 1 X 4-6 reps
Weighted Leg Lifts: 1 X 10-15 reps
Crunches: 2 X 8-10 reps

Saturday and Sunday: REST

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Skip La Cour Workout

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