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Testosterone Boosting Supplements
Benefits for Bodybuilding
There seem to be plenty of different testosterone boosters available these days and it seems that there are more that come online every day. Knowing your own personal testosterone levels can help a lot when thinking about using a booster because you will be able to measure directly whether it is working or not.

There is a normal range of the total amount of testosterone that is needed by the average man which is between 300 - 1200 Nano-grams per deciliter (ng/dl). Normal ranges that are specifically for free testosterone which is the actual total amount of active testosterone that your body can use is 8.7 - 25 pictograms per milliliters (pg/ml). The closer to the upper level you are in both of these ranges the more testosterone you will produce.

We will briefly review the two top natural supplements that you can take to help to boost your testosterone levels. If you are older than 25 then the chances that you are producing less testosterone that when you were a teenager is very high as science has now proved that the testosterone that we produce starts to reduce every year after 25 to 30 years old.

The first is ZMA which is a scientifically designed because of its collection of ingredients which are Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate as well as vitamin B-6 has been put together in an anabolic mineral formula. This was done to create an all-natural product that has now been clinically proven to drastically increase all anabolic hormone levels and increase muscle strength in trained athletes as a result.

Athletes that train with a high intensity level will always deplete the body and stop it from replenishing these essential minerals. As we already know high intensity interval training has proved itself to work very effectively. It has been shown to be the most effective way of getting fast results.

The second testosterone booster recommended is Eurycoma Longfolia which is used to unbind testosterone from a specific hormone called SHBG which stands for a sex hormone binding globulin that prevents the absorption of your testosterone going directly into the receptors.

What this means is that by taking Eurycoma you are able to help the body free all its bound Testosterone into a more effective active and usable Testosterone by lowering its SHBG by an average of 30%. This will make a big difference to the rate at which you are able to build and maintain the muscle that you build.

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