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Bigger Traps Workout Routine

The Gorilla-Size Trap Workout

Just like the calves, the trapezius muscles tend to go untrained, or only get worked in garbage time training with a minimal effort. If you want big, nasty traps, you have to put them as a priority in your training. Here is a trap workout you can use to get traps like a gorilla.

Heavy Duty Shrug on Calf Machine

Start your trap training off with a move that is both simple and powerful. And that is a good recipe for working on the traps simple and powerful. The move is a shrug motion but you do it on a standing calf machine (Or on a hack squat machine). Why? Because this machine allows you to get a move that is both simple and powerful. It is simple because all you do is shrug the weight. It is powerful because you can load more weight on the calf machine than you can elsewhere.

Perform five sets of seven repetitions with the shrug on the standing calf machine. And load that sucker up put plate after plate on board.

Heavy Duty Shrug on Hammer High Pull Machine

The next exercise is also a variation of an original. You employ the Hammer High Pull machine, but you use it for shrugging. Load the plates up heavy, then turn around and grip both handles, stand up, and simply shrug. This is another powerful move for the traps. Go with four sets of 8 reps here.

High Pull with Barbell

Finally you get to some barbell exercise. Grab a barbell with a moderate range hand placement slightly less than shoulder width. From here you perform a high pull taking the barbell from thigh level up to chest level with one powerful pull.

Note this is a pulling movement, and you don't want to turn your wrists as you would with a clean & Jerk. Instead, pull the bar up as far as you can with the elbows flaring out, not in.

This workout doesn't employ any of the traditional tools for trap work but that's its strength something new. And good this workout will give you gorilla sized traps.

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