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Triceps Workout Tips
Turn your Triceps into TREEceps
By Frank Melfa of

Here are some triceps workouts that will help build some muscle to TREEceps proportions. The workouts below include my favorite triceps exercises followed with detailed instructions on how to perform these exercises.

Workout #1
                                                    Sets       Reps
Close Grip Bench 4 6-12 (gradually increase weight)
French Curl using curl bar 3 6-12
Pushdowns 4 6-12 (strip the weight on the last set)

Workout #2
French Curl with dumbbell 4 6-12 (use heavy dumbbells)
Lying Triceps Extensions 3 10 (use same weight and get good reps)
Rope Pushdowns 4 10-12 (use same weight and get good reps)

The French Curl is one of my favorite triceps exercise that can be performed with a straight bar or curl bar. Sitting on a bench, start with the bar held overhead with a thumb-width grip (about three or four inches from the center of the bar). Slowly lower the bar behind your neck bending and keeping your elbows in towards your ears. From here, push the bar back over your head taking the same path as on the way down.

French Curl with a Dumbbell: This is what I call a no nonsense exercise. There's no need to find a bar, adding weight to it, or adding collars. You just pick up a dumbbell, sit somewhere and push it over your head. It's hard to mess this one up! I like using a heavy dumbbell to perform this exercise. It's a lot easier than using a bar because your hands are closer together and the range of motion is limited. But that's OK because this exercise never fails to give me a great pump in my triceps. Be sure to keep your back arched and your feet flat on the ground.

Pushdowns: This is another commonly used triceps exercise performed using a cable machine or a lat machine with any type of a bar. Start with the bar held directly under your chest with a thumb width grip from the center. With your elbows clamped to the side of your body, push the weight directly towards the floor and squeeze the triceps. Return the bar back under your chest keeping your elbows in close to your body. Various gadgets can be used to perform pushdowns. To start, use either a straight short bar or an inverted triceps bar. Once you get the hang of that, then try using a rope.

Close Grip Bench: When performed properly, this exercise could add some serious development to your triceps. The important thing to remember about this exercise is to keep your elbows in. Too often I see people use too much weight and flare their elbows out. As a result, the chest is doing most of the work. Also, lower the bar to the top of your chest, not your stomach! Lowering the bar to the top of our chest ensures more triceps action. Lowering the bar to your stomach decreases the range of motion. Start with a thumb-width grip. Slowly lower the bar to the top of your chest keeping your elbows in. Pause once you reach your chest and then press back up, keeping your elbows in close towards your body.

Lying Triceps Extensions: This exercise is similar to French Curls. Instead of sitting on a bench, you are lying on it. Lower the bar to your forehead bending the elbows. Once the bar is about one inch from your forehead, push the bar back up keeping the elbows in towards the ears and even with your forehead. Most of the movement should be from your elbows. Be sure to slowly lower and raise the bar. Squeeze your triceps at the top while fully extending your elbows.

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