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How to Train to Bring Up a Weak Body Part

We first need to establish some common ground before we agree on the definition of what a weak body-part is:

1. Your weak body-parts exist because of inherited genetic weaknesses and training incorrectly.

2. Correcting imbalances in your physique will require imbalances in your training routine and scheduling your workouts to focus on your weaker body-parts.

3. The only effective way to address a weak body-part or an imbalance is to do compound movements at least twice a week with other more joint-friendly movements focusing on your weaker body-part done during the rest of the week.

4. Always only address one weak body-part at a time.

Natural bodybuilders are human beings and they fall into the exact same trap that everyone else does by gravitating to movements that they are good at. Doing a movement that you're already strong at every day will only get your weaker body-parts weaker and your stronger body-parts even more stronger.

The problem is that bombing away at your weak body-part day after day will also only result in joint and connective tissue overuse injuries, your muscle can take a severe beating but your joints and tendons can't. The objective is to create a routine where you can hammer a weak body-part without upsetting the joint by inflaming the connective tissue.

Your routine that you set up to attack weak body-parts should include basic compound movements twice a week, at least doing presses, squats and deadlifts plus rows and weighted chinning movements. Let's assume that you are a pressing expert and your legs have suffered as a result and you need to develop your lower body more.

So you would then still be doing your upper body compound work once or twice a week but you would then add a joint-friendly quad or lower body movement at the end of your upper-body workout. Whether it was a compound upper-body movement or a joint-friendly (isolated) movement.

If you start seeing that your regular workouts are starting to suffer from these additional lower-body movements added, then you should back off these additional sets for a while until you get used to it. Start by just adding one set of say 15 to 20 leg extensions and then slowly add more in.

When you're ready to start increasing the frequency of your training it's possible to add another day of joint-friendly movements, focusing on your weak body-part. The objective should be to train your lagging body-part 3 to 4 times a week with joint-friendly (isolation) movements.

The following movements should be added onto your addition heavy compound movements to increase a lagging body-part. Do an additional 3-4 sets of 10-20 reps 3-4 times a week to see good results. You should only select one additional movement to increase a lagging body-part from the selection below.

Regular push-up with feet elevated
D/B press
D/B flyes

D/B lateral raises
Landmine lateral raises
Cable lateral raises
Rear deltoid lateral flyes

Inverted rows
Bodyweight Chin-ups
Face pulls
TRX bodyweight reverse flyes

Goblet squats
Light front squats
Bodyweight skater squats
Reverse sled squats

Sliding leg curls
Machine leg curls
Glute-ham raises

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Weak Body Part Training

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