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My Weight Gain Diet
By Gabe Davis

In this article I will talk about my diet during my weight gain cycle. I'll preface it with a quote from Ronnie Coleman, "Lift a lot of weight and eat a lot of food."

You have to ramp up your appetite to where your body is expecting food every few hours. That's how I was able to wake up at 2 AM every morning, my body woke me up with hunger pains because it had become accostumed to eating so often.

The next step is quality meals. I don't see any value to having a meal that's just empty carbs. Complex carbs sure, but not empty carbs.

So for a schedule I basically ate every 3 hours with a midnight meal, it looked like this:

2 AM, 7 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, 7 PM, 10 PM. Almost every meal had some sort of protein and carb. That could mean whole-wheat toast with a protein shake, or a lean meat (chicken, steak, fish, turkey) with a vegetable, either starchy or complex depending on where I was in the day.

I never missed a meal, and I never had a meal that was less than 20 grams of protein, 500 calories, etc. I difinately was going for 50% more grams of protein a day than I weighed which worked out to be 300 grams of protein a day. I probably was averaging 6000 calories a day. Of course the second part was that I never took more than 48 hours off from a full workout at the gym.

Lastly, too many guys want to try to bulk up while keeping a six pack, so they do cardio after their workouts, and ab work. I've found you can't combine the two. What I explain to people now is that I did 4 months of weight gain, then 6 weeks of cutting to get the extra fat back off. No Problem. I know tons of guys trying to do both at once, and I don't know any of them, not one who's getting very far with either category, it's the old two steps forward two steps back.

Secrets: cook up 10 chicken breasts at a time. Make a vat of chili (turkey, beans, tomatos, corn), brown a few lbs of meat at one time then add it to vegetables with a sauce when you're ready to eat. And protein shakes are perfect for weight gain because your body doesn't have to work hard to process it like it does meat. I always mixed it with milk for more of all the good stuff.

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